Tips for buying property in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town 

Try not to be too set on an area or type of house when looking at property in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, in other words, be as flexible as you can and consider what you can alter in due course after you purchased.  Prices in the area will always be on the increase, but as we go into winter we are seeing prices becoming a lot more more competitive.  You might have to compromise and buy an older home which needs some work in order to be able to afford to live in certain suburbs so look for houses where the street shows clear evidence of upgrading.  Things can be very different from block to block let alone suburb to suburb!

Diep River house with pool

Diep River – One of the better-priced properties currently for sale for R2 250 000

When moving from other parts of South Africa to the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, you will quickly discover that R3 million doesn’t go very far.

Schools are a major attraction for many Southern Suburbs areas but be sure to check the zoning for the school’s first.  Expect to pay a premium for properties in safe walking distance to the school of your choice! Everyone wants to avoid the daily ‘Mom’s taxi’ trips, so there is a premium to pay for that freedom!

Rondebosch near Bishops Primary - Cape Town Property

Rondebosch Family Home for R11 890 000 on the doorstep of Bishops Primary 

Primary investment areas are Rondebosch and Newlands with a demand for student accommodation due to their close proximity to the UCT.

It is worth commenting that in the Southern Suburbs buyers who need to sell will almost always be required to enter into an agreement that allows the seller continued marketing so that in the event of a cash buyer or a more favourable offer, the seller will be able to notify the original buyer and have that sale set aside (subject to terms and conditions) so the point should be made that to be competitive and be in a position to negotiate price somewhat a buyer should be as ‘unencumbered’ as possible so if it is possible get your house sold first, and arrange your finance so that you can offer as uncomplicated an offer as you can with as few conditional clauses as possible.


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