Who is your “My South African Hero”? – #MySouthAfricanHero

We have had some serious let down’s but as an important and constructive part of developing South African pride and reminding all South Africans to have faith in their fellow men and women we have launched a fun social media campaign to remind us all of those men and women who have and do serve the greater good and who through their sacrifices are an inspiration to us all.  Who is your South African hero?
Let’s restore some faith in our fellow man by reminding us of our heroes! We have so many wonderful people to celebrate many we do not know!  Share their details of self sacrifice!  From the exceptional municipal worker who ensures our roads are safe to the group of mothers who started a rooftop garden as a means of feeding their families.  Let’s identify of those that serve to inspire others to also make a difference in their country, their communities and in their own homes.  



Helen Zille #MySouthAfricanHero

Helene Zille Born 09 March 1951 in Hillbrow, Johannesburg South Africa.  Helen Zille is an icon and continues to inspire and change lives. She has become our hero, role model, leader and we thank her for all her sacrifices and dedication to this land. We salute her! Who is your South African hero? Use the #MySouthAfricanHero and share your nomination and encourage others to share theirs.  We can of course pick up your nominations as long as you use the #MySouthAfricanHero

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